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Get your construction equipment inspected and your operators certified!

The reliability of any equipment or machinery diminishes over its operational lifetime. More importantly, its safety and effectiveness are compromised as time elapses. Our inspection services ensure construction equipment such as cranes, backhoes, excavators, bobcats, man lifts, and such are in good working condition. We’ll help you protect yourself against risk and liability. Additionally, we provide the added benefit of getting your operators certified.

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Crane Inspection and Certification

With time, the performance of your cranes is likely to diminish, potentially increasing the risk of liability. However, our services afford greater productivity without unexpected and costly breakdowns! Let us inspect the integrity of your cranes. We’ll ensure they comply with the relevant inspection codes, making them safe for continued operation.

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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Avoid damage to your machines while maintaining regulatory compliance. We assess your equipment safely and provide accurate, cost-effective results by employing NDT. We test welds and components with MPI, PT and UT to ensure they are free from defects and fit for service.


Ultrasonic Thickness Surveys

Ultrasonic Thickness Surveys are a type of NDT that offers accurate thickness measurement. As with other non-destructive inspection methods, it effectively prevents damage while detecting flaws. Our experts apply it when inspecting material and components for tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and more.

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Fabrication and Installation

Our experts provide cutting-edge fabrication services for various types of equipment. Additionally, our team works with yours to carry out installations that allow new equipment to integrate seamlessly with existing systems.   


Lifting Hardware and Devices Inspection

The integrity of your hoisting and lifting equipment is critical to the well-being of its passengers and operators. Therefore, we inspect and certify your forklifts, man-lifts, cranes etc., so that you can meet the legislative safety standards.


Pressure Testing

We want to help you maintain the quality and strength of your equipment. With pressure testing, we ascertain weaknesses efficiently, accurately and safely. It reduces the likelihood of damage and applies to equipment such as piping, LGP tanks, BOP, valves, or transfer hoses.

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Relief / Safety Valves / Pressure Gauge

Try our superior calibration services. We are equipped to ensure your equipment is within operating tolerances. We also test for proper functionality and safety, which helps to reduce future costs.

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Operator Training and Certification

Our operator training and certification programmes educate operators on the safe use of machines and how to prevent damage and harmful accidents, during their day-to-day work operations to equipment such as; Tower Cranes, Boom Truck Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Forklifts, Excavators, Manlifts, Rigging and Banksman, Front End Loaders and much more. Operators enjoy lively, informative and practical sessions in outdoor and classroom settings.

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Statutory Inspection

For the continued safety and functionality of machines, statutory inspections are critical. Our experienced inspectors conduct crane and pressure vessel assessments, inspections of steam boilers, inspections of hoists and lifts and diesel tanks, according to the local government statutory laws as guided by OSHA.


Welding Inspection

Ensure your pipelines, plates, tanks, and vessels are up to standard with integrity inspections! Utilizing visual, NDT on welds (MT-PT-UT), and welders tests, we help you maintain the quality and compliance of your machines and equipment to AWS codes. We also provide Welders Training and Certification and Welding Procedure Development.

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Quality Assurance / Quality Control

We know time is money, and both should be well-spent, and that’s where quality management comes in! We provide quality assurance checks on materials and structures so that they are completed to relevant construction and welding codes.

Included in our services, we supply (CWI) welding inspectors, paint and coating (NACE inspectors) and QA/QC inspectors etc.

Have our experts identify defects and correct them so that you can rest easy knowing you’ve met the quality requirements for your project.


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