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Equipment Inspection Done Right!

Downtime of equipment costs money!
Avoid unnecessary delays with efficient inspection and certification services.

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Big Ben Inspection Co. Ltd provides timely inspections and certifications to ensure industry equipment operates safely and performs optimally.

With a clientele that includes the construction, and oil and gas industries, we understand that unnecessary delays are costly. Therefore, we utilize an efficient, professional management system supported by a resourceful and experienced team of inspectors.

We manage our clients’ equipment inspections with computer tracking and timely job scheduling. Moreover, they benefit from an efficient process that involves entering all equipment in our certification program into a computerized database. This process is highly effective and helps prevent setbacks resulting from a failure to be certified.

Furthermore, with our advanced system, we conduct all statutory inspections within OSHA government standards. Our approved resident government inspector also guides us. As such, our assessments are done to standard, especially as all our inspectors are certified and highly competent.

Thus, combining innovation, regulatory standards, experience, and expertise has solidified our position as a leading inspection management company in Trinidad and Tobago.

Need Timely, Thorough Equipment Inspections and Certifications that are Cost-effective? We Are the Experts!