Big Ben Inspection Co. Ltd

Ensuring Safety and Optimal Performance with Every Inspection!

Our innovative management system is well-matched by a team of resourceful and experienced inspectors.

Big Ben Inspection Co. Ltd provides timely inspections and certifications to ensure industry equipment operates safely and performs optimally.

With a clientele that includes the construction, and oil and gas industries, we understand that unnecessary delays are costly.

Therefore, we utilize an efficient, professional management system supported by a resourceful and experienced team of inspectors.

The result is competent and timely service with competitive pricing!

Our Products

Crane Inspection and Certification

With time, the performance of your cranes is likely to diminish, potentially increasing the risk of liability. However, our services afford greater productivity without unexpected and costly breakdowns!

Operator Training and Certification

Our operator training and certification programmes educate operators on the safe use of machines and how to prevent damage and harmful accidents to equipment and others.

Welding Inspection

Ensure your pipelines, plates, tanks, and vessels are up to standard with integrity inspections! Utilizing visual, NDT on welds (MT-PT-UT), and welders tests, we help you maintain the quality and compliance of your machines and equipment to AWS codes.

Need Timely, Thorough Equipment Inspections and Certifications that are Cost-effective? We Are the Experts!